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What is the ted's woodworking plans?

Ted's Woodworking – is an ultimate pack of plans for your woodworking project of any kind. It contains 16000+ woodworking plans, has a list of 22000+ satisfied customers and on it's base 169228+ projects were created so far.

Will you become a creator of the next one? Experience full convenience and joy while working with wood, using Ted's Woodworking Plan.

Ted "Woody" Mcgrath

Certified Master Woodworker, Educator, Trainer, Author, Member of AWI

The author of Ted's Woodworking is Ted "Woody" McGrath. He is a Certified Master
Woodworker, Educator, Trainer, Author, and Member of AWI.

He and his fellow veteran woodworkers formed a team that created this guide for those who
want to learn how to be a successful woodworker and a businessman in this area.

What's Inside?

#1 - Step-By-Step Instructions

Guides to help you complete your woodworking projects with joy and ease, using the advice of seasoned woodworking masters. Using those instructions can make woodworking easier for you. It is like having your personal assistant that guides you through all the process.


#2 - Cutting & Materials Lists

Includes cutting and materials list for each project inside the program. It points out the exact woods of exact quality and quantity, so you never overpay or waste money due to wrong decisions. It saves time and money and cuts down waste. It lets you spend more time building, not fretting.


#3 - Detailed Schematics

You will get sharp and colorful schematics included in each plan, you will not have to guess how to do this or that in the plan. The level of details helps you be up to challenge to complete even the hardest project. Crystal clear instructions so it is easier to understand how everything is supposed to be done for the maximum effect. This makes it suitable even for beginners. If you're an experienced woodworker, you'll get everything to find a way to complete projects in quick fashion and put less hard work into it.


#4 - Views From All Angles

You will seeexactly how your project should look before you build it. You the slightest details of every angle, every corner, every joint. The plans are designed in the fashion that helps you stop guessing or scratching your head over any detail.


#5 - Suitable For Beginners & Professionals!

The program includes plans that cover all levels of skill and competence. There is no need to be a master woodworker to reach heights with Ted's Woodworking. Simple explanations and step-by-step instructions make it less complex even for a beginner to understand and proceed with the building. It covers all types of projects, no matter the size, including small crafts, furniture designs, outdoor projects, kids craft and way much more. The program has something to offer for everyone.


  • Small Crafts

  • Furniture Designs

  • Outdoor Projects

  • Kids Crafts & More

Here are some of the benefits of using Ted's woodworking plans:

You will also get 4 special time-limited bonuses

Bonus #1

Regular Price: $97 - Yours FREE!

DWG/CAD Plan Viewer

There is no need to buy CADs like AutoCAD 2009 for something around $950. This special software from the author allows you to create, edit and modify your own woodworking plans to get a better result.

  • You are able to view & measure DWG, DXF, DWF
  • Has full XRef support
  • Allows you to view layers and block attribute
  • Simple to use and fast Edit or modify your plan.
  • You can create your own custom woodworking projects

Bonus #2

Regular Price: $77 - Yours FREE!

150 Premium Woodworking Videos

This bonus covers lifetime membership access to over 150 premium videos about woodworking. Topics of videos vary a lot, all of the videos are from the veteran woodworkers. Even more, new videos are added on consistent basis!

  • Bird Feeder With Step-By-Step Instructions (14 videos)
  • The 6 Day Outdoor Shed (9 videos)
  • Custom Furniture, Chairs and Tables For Your Home (29 Videos)
  • Gazebo, Lean-To Sheds and Outdoor Furniture (31 videos)
  • Woodworking Techniques on Finishing and Carpentry ( 8 videos)

Bonus #3

Regular Price: $27 - Yours FREE!

How To Start A Woodworking Business

This guide covers everything concerning your private woodworking business. It is a step-by-step manual on how to start selling your own custom woodworking products and make a profit from it. It gives you tips to help you make money without losing joy while working with the wood.

  • Essential requirements to help you get started in this business
  • Choosing the products to sell in order to make as much money as possible
  • How to choose suppliers and respond to your market competitors.
  • Must-know facts about licensing, documents and taxation.
  • Tips on which sources to use to scale up your business.

Bonus #4

Regular Price: $39 - Yours FREE!

Complete Woodworking Guides

This guide consists of 200 pages of pure content that include tips on woodworking, detailed diagrams, drawings and pictures. 200 pages of straightforward advice to help you not to give up and increase your woodworking skills.The guides covers all the bases, from working with hand tools to cutting dovetails. The discussion of softwoods and hardwoods is included as well.

Listen To What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying:

  • *I've read numerous books and bought several online woodworking blueprints and this is clearly the best that is on the market in every aspect. It has got lots of different ideas and inspiration. Plans are detailed and the instructions are in-depth. I'd rate this package as one of the best collection on woodworking plans I've reviewed. You simply must get this, especially if you are just getting started in woodworking. As far as I am concerned, this is a bargain. The level of detail will set a new standard in the field."

    *Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary


    Willie Stark

    Chief Editor, Woodworking, Valdosta
  • *"Of all the woodwork kits I have bought over the years, this is the best collection I have. Its an excellent resource for beginners as well as seasoned woodworkers. It includes tons of blueprints for different small crafts, furniture and outdoor projects and it's simply outstanding... an excellent investment for anyone starting out. I would loved to have had these when I was building my first outdoor deck. Considering the excellent content, and the quality of the plans itself, this package is quite a bargain."

    *Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary


    Melvin Jones

    AWFS Association, Lake Ariel PA
  • *"I just got this package a few days ago, and I've had a hard time putting it down. There are lots of full-color pictures, with thorough descriptions of every step in the project. These turned out to be even better than I'd hoped! Plans are super easy to read and understand, unlike several others I looked online. I can't wait to get started building some of the pieces and I have some projects picked out to start as soon as I can get the lumber! A valuable addition to my woodworking reference library. I would highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in woodworking."

    *Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary


    Bradly Lerwill

    Durham, UK
  • *"I've been looking for something like this for the longest time. You get to learn how to design, detailed photographs of the projects, exploded blueprints, materials list and step by step instruction. It even shows you the different tools needed and how to use them and really explains the entire process to you. If you want to get ideas on your project or build thousands of quality works in wood, you owe it to yourself to get this package."

    *Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary


    Kevin Roane

    San Mateo, CA

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